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Trailer Park Boys: Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian (Source)

If you like Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky, you’ll love this news: There will soon be a Trailer Park Boys marijuana brand for budding Canadian or American trailer park residents or wannabes. As evidenced by the Happy Borntday episode, Ricky already has a torch which he may or may not use for dabs, and we know that they are “pretty high” in this episode. Although sparkler-powered houses are not on the horizon, the Trailer Park Boys’ foray into medical marijuana is.

Who are the Trailer Park Boys?

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian television show that was created based on the antics of two Canadian petty criminals as they tried to stay out of jail and survive in a Nova Scotia trailer park. The original film, called One Last Shot was shot in black-and-white documentary style and eventually turned into a feature film called Trailer Park Boys. Trailer Park Boys the series is based on Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles who live in a trailer park and are constantly annoyed by Jim Lahey and his love Randy (the trailer park managers). Jim is a colorful alcoholic and Randy rarely wears shirts, despite his large stomach. Cory and Trevor are always Ricky and Julian’s scapegoats when capers go wrong, and J-Roc is a white aspiring rapper who thinks he is actually black.

What Do the Trailer Park Boys Have to Do with Marijuana?

trailer park boys organigram
The Trailer Park Boys announce partnership with OrganiGram Holdings, a Canadian cannabis cultivator (Source)

If you’re a Trailer Park Boys fan, then all of your petty criminal cannabis dreams have just come true. The Trailer Park Boys enterprise recently announced to the Canadian Press that they will be the new brand ambassadors for OrganiGram Holdings, Inc. out of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The company’s motto is “Get your life back. Naturally.” The company currently sells one indica strain (Highlands), and three sativa strains (Rising Tides, High Tide, and Tidal Bore). It’s three “OrganiOils” are Rossignol (sativa), Banook (indica), and Bras d’Or (hybrid). The new deal signed with Trailer Park Boys’ production company (Trailer Park Boys Productions Limited, of Sonic Entertainment Group of Nova Scotia) will be a five-year deal and include branding and packaging targeted to recreational cannabis users. The three actors (John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, and Mike Smith) who play the trailer park boys are the sole owners and controllers of the company and make all of their own choices about business ventures. Ray Gracewood of OrganiGram stated that “This relationship solidifies one of our strategic building blocks as we plan for the legalization of recreational [cannabis] use in Canada. The team at Trailer Park Boys have an aligned vision to develop a national brand with our assistance and we’re incredibly excited at how the partnership will come to life.” The “swearist” Trailer Park Boys will receive a combination of cash royalties and other non-monetary considerations. Is Canada ready for Trailer Park Boys Marijuana? Will the first strain be called “Swearist Sativa” or “Shitism Sativa”? Will we ever get official TPB Hash Coins? We’re about to find out, and I guarantee that Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and J-Roc will be over the moon when their marijuana royalties start rolling in.

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